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If the command in Mark 16:15 was given to all believers, the command to Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature
Who exactly is included in the phrase every creature?
Does that include Americans?  Africans? Europeans? Asians?
What about Colors? RED? YELLOW? BLACK? WHITE?

What about Age? Adults? Grandparents? Teens? Children?

God is Intentional, if you believe that, then you must believe this,

God Intentionally Gathered 5,000,000 Children in Manila, Philippines, 

Because of His intentionality and His charge to us: 

How would you reach 5,000,000 children with the Gospel?

the Big would you do it?

Quick Stats:

  1. Over 17 Million people live in Manila

  2. Over 70% under 25

  3. 5 Million are Children 10 and below
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